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Here are some of the many unsolicited testimonials I have received from my US readers. As we have just started selling books in the UK, I don't yet have any testimonials from UK sellers, but I will be adding them here when I do.

We bought you Complete Amazon Marketing System last year, which included your wholesale sourcing information. We still use your wholesale sourcing info almost every week. Just since last year we have found 14 wholesale sources we work with to source over 100 products. We decided to get into selling candles. I was blown away when I went to my wholesale members site - you had over 40 suppliers of candles and we had no trouble finding 2 of them to work with. - Sally & Jeff J.

Until now, I have never written a review, beyond eBay feedback, in my life. However, I must extend you the same respect, and integrity that I received after purchasing your book, The Complete Amazon Marketing System.

I made a mistake, as many others did, by purchasing two books with overlapping material. I not only received an email, but also a phone call, which I missed, and subsequently heard a very pleasant and friendly voice mail from Karen explaining my mistake, and my options.

These days, especially with the anonymity if the internet, one rarely experiences the honesty and courtesies I received. Through your customer service, and your courses (I've now bought 4 of your books) you've inadvertently injected a vital dose of optimism and positivity in to my life. Optimism through the crucial knowledge contained in the books, but better is the blast of positivity felt through the wonderful human beings generating the content. Sir, it shows through your writing, that you love this profession, and with decency, respect, and kick ass customer service, you're living your dream. I'm eternally grateful to have found you guys. Cheers!

Thank You! Respectfully, humbly, and gratefully a patron, and student of Karen and Skip McGrath.

Sincerely, Abraham O. - Windham. New Hampshire

I learned more from reading The Complete Amazon Marketing System than I did the entire time I have been following another course that charged about $2,000, plus monthly fees over $100. After spending 5 months following that course, I was actually looking at something else priced at $4000. I knew I was missing some basic keys to getting my business started. Thankfully, I stumbled across Skip McGrath. His course covers everything. I just wish I had discovered it first.

Save the money you would have spent on those expensive courses and buy Skip’s course and some inventory. You can have a successful business started with less money than you would have spent on your education. ~ Kathy B

Re: How to Make Good Money Selling Used Books on eBay, Amazon and The Internet

Can I just tell you how much I am enjoying your book? It's the best one I've ever seen. I've been selling books on Amazon for a couple of years, but just willy-nilly.

I love what you say about not selling fiction. I love "niche" books. For example, right now, I have a pristine copy of a hardback book - The Eastern Shore Baseball League by Wm. Mowbry. Also, a first edition of Russell Page's The Education of a Gardener.

Thank you so much! ~ Tracey H.

I love your free articles. I printed everyone of them out and put in a 3-ring notebook and refer to them all the time. I have made so much money with your stuff.

Addison from Naples, FL

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