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Here are some of the many unsolicited testimonials I have received from my US readers. As we have just started selling books in the UK, I don't yet have any testimonials from UK sellers, but I will be adding them here when I do.


Hi Skip:

I have been ebaying for 8 years! I bought your book last week and read it at every free moment! You have so many GREAT ideas. I have 3 kids (ranging from 16 to 3 yrs.), and was only doing this for fun. Last year I hit powerseller silver level... THEN it hit me... you really can do this for a living. It is so much fun. I have checked out all of the websites you had, your website and your links... Thank you SO much for the tips and the bits of information that has taken me over 8 years to get 2 steps away from .... that was right there in your book! I have recommended the book to another seller friend, and am giving one to my dad for his birthday!

I just got an email tip, from one of your sources, about the sellers voice. I listened to the your spiel along with others, and since you keep referring to these fire pits, I had to look them up.

Of course, I HAD to send a link to my ebayer friends, and my dad!!

Thanks again & again!!


I just wanted to say THANK THANK THANK YOU!!! for writing such awesome books! I have followed your advice and I am on my way to become a PowerSeller. I cannot wait to purchase more of your books as I am sure I will learn more invaluable tips and tricks that can truly make a difference in my business.

I was just reading the very favorable comments from some of your other customers and you know I have to get my two bits in too! I've been very thankful lately that I subscribed to your newsletter. This is "must have" information any good seller would gladly pay for and it's FREE! It occurred to me that you played a significant role in changing the cynical fact of the previous decade; "There ain't no free lunch!" There was a recent time when it was true but no longer. The evidence is all over your website. Thank you from me and on behalf of the host of other sellers who profited from your guidance!

Bob B. Mobile, AL

Skip...Thanks for the great newsletter. I get great ideas every month. I made over $2000 last month from your wholesale source for the electric scooters.

Jason from Denver, CO

Lissa H from Worcester MA is working one of the niches in our Ten Niche Book. Here is what she says about it, "We are now collecting the vintage electronics/ cameras from our congregation and are hitting the mother lode. No one has ever asked our church members for these things before. We have already in hand a SRL Camera + accessories that looks like it will go for $500, two turntables, binoculars, and people dug up antique toys worth between $500 and $800 each.. We have just begun! Yea. Thanks again.”

Lisa H, Worcester, MA

Skip – You newsletter is awesome. I can’t believe you are doing this for free. You could charge a ton for this information.

Sally B –Chicago, IL

Love your newsletter. We signed up for the drop ship source directory and found three manufacturers of garden items who will drop ship for me on the first day. We sold 17 items at a really nice profit our very first week of listing them.

Warm regards,
Dell & Marion in Wyoming

I love your free articles. I printed everyone of them out and put in a 3-ring notebook and refer to them all the time. I have made so much money with your stuff.

Addison from Naples, FL

Skip and Karen:

Thanks so much for all your help --it's nice to know you are not a big impersonal company. You actually answer the phone and return emails. I have both of your manuals, the consignment book and the complete eBay system and use them all the time. David and I just hit silver power seller and we are closing in on Gold just six months after getting the complete ebay system.

CeCe and David, Oakland, CA

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