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The Complete eBay Marketing System

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Section I: eBay Business Basics

Chapter 1: Getting Started
Chapter 2: Organizing and Setting Up Your Business for Success
Chapter 3: Essential Requirements to Sell on eBay
Chapter 4: Create a Winning eBay Business Strategy
Chapter 5: Writing Your Business Plan
Chapter 6: What Sells and to Sell
Chapter 7: Consignment Selling on eBay
Chapter 8: Buy Low – Sell High
Chapter 9: Investing In Your Business
Chapter 10: Research – Your Key to Constant Profits

Section II: Creating and Launching Auctions

Chapter 1: Launching Your Auctions
Chapter 2: Choosing Your Selling Category
Chapter 3: List Item In Two Categories
Chapter 4: Writing Winning Auction Titles
Chapter 5: Auction Descriptions that sell
Chapter 6: Setting Your Minimum Bid
Chapter 7: Reserve Price Auctions (RPAs)
Chapter 8: Buy It Now Strategies
Chapter 9: Auction Duration & Calendar
Chapter 10: Private Auctions
Chapter 11: Quantity Selection
Chapter 12: Item Location
Chapter 13: Adding Pictures to Your Auctions
Chapter 14: The eBay Gallery Option
Chapter 15: Brand Your Auctions with Templates
Chapter 16: Increase Bids with Bold and Highlight
Chapter 17: Featured Plus --When it is --and isn't worth it.
Chapter 18:How to Make Money with Home Page Featured
Chapter 19: Counter Choice
Chapter 20: Payment Methods
Chapter 21: Post-To Locations
Chapter 22: Escrow Service
Chapter 23: Preview Your Item


Section III: Advanced Listing & Selling Strategies

Chapter 1: Controlling eBay Fees & Costs
Chapter 2: How to Use PayPal to Increase Profits
Chapter 3: How to Set Up an eBay Shop
Chapter 4: Postage, Handling & Insurance Strategies
Chapter 5: Automating Your Auctions
Chapter 6: Auction Photography & Image Management
Chapter 7: Grading Items For Sale
Chapter 8: Your Listing & Sales Strategy
Chapter 9: Using Dutch Auctions to Explode Profits
Chapter 10: Product & Market Analysis
Chapter 11: Managing Your Inventory For Profits
Chapter 12: Cross Selling & Upselling Your Auctions
Chapter 13: Research by Trial & Error
Chapter 14: Building an Excellent Feedback Rating Quickly
Chapter 15: Advanced Service Strategies


Section IV: Product Acquisition

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Types of Wholesalers
Chapter 3: How to Find Wholesalers, Dealers & Distributors
Chapter 4: How to Negotiate With Wholesalers
Chapter 5: Buy At Local Auctions to Sell on eBay
Chapter 6: Wholesale Dealer Auctions
Chapter 7: Closeout Dealers & Mass Merchandise Wholesalers
Chapter 8: Closeout Auctions on the Web
Chapter 9: Buying at Trade Shows
Chapter 10: Gift Marts & Design Centres
Chapter 11: Direct Importing
Chapter 12: Finding Wholesale Antiques and Collectibles
Chapter 13: Paperwork & Forms


APPENDIX 1: Auction Checklist
APPENDIX 2: UK Trade Show Calendar
APPENDIX 3: UK Trade Show Calendar II
APPENDIX 4: Article - Why eBay Sellers Fail
APPENDIX 5: Article - Who’s In Control?

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