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Sell Used Books for a Profit on eBay, Amazon and the Internet

This is THE complete guide to starting and running an online book business, written by eBay PowerSeller, Skip McGrath

This is our single best selling book on our US site. I get a lot of questions asking if this system would work in the UK, Ireland or, Australia. The short answer is YES !!! It works in almost any English speaking country.

Although this book was updated in 2016, I originally wrote it in 2008 –so its been around about 7 years –and still works today.  During that time I have sold over 100 copies to the UK, Ireland and Australia –and although we offer a "no-questions-asked" money back guarantee - our return rate for this book is very low.

Although it was written for the US market - the differences are minor, such as changing US dollars to Pounds, Euros or the Australian Dollar. Another example is where I mention garage sales – you don't have those –but you have car boot sales instead.

This may be one of the easiest –and most profitable online businesses there is.  If you love books and like to work from home, consider the used books business.

Over eight billion dollars (roughly 6.1 billion pounds) worth of used books sell in the United States every year and about 1/2 that amount in other English speaking countries –and more and more of them are being sold online.

Amazon won't release their figures for used books, but analysts estimate sales to also be over $2 (£1.5) Billion a year in the US. And, of course, there are the English-speaking overseas markets where those same analysts estimate sales to average over $1 (£.77) Billion a year . Last year I sold books to customers in Singapore, England, Canada, and Australia and even to India –and overseas customers pay even more than US customers.

Interested in selling used books on Amazon or eBay? 

Selling books online is one of the easiest work-at-home businesses to start. The most difficult problem that online sellers have today is finding merchandise that they can sell at a profit. Selling used books solves this problem because there is a large market for used books –and there is ample supply at great prices as you will learn.

I purchased Skip McGrath's How to Sell Used Books on eBay, Amazon, and the Internet the same day I read about it in his newsletter, and read it cover to cover in one sitting. I was hooked.

I predict that within the year I will be making a consistent profit at this business, once I have recovered all my start-up costs. On more than one occasion, I have purchased books for less than one dollar and sold them for more than $75.00! I frequently sell 49 cent books for more than $10.00! I love books and have finally found work that coincides with a passion.

Robin G,  Goose Creek, South Carolina


The used book business doesn't require a large investment to get started.  Also, the risk of failure is very low as long as you follow sound business practices and techniques. There are only two reasons people fail with this type of online business:

  • Let's be real, you've got to do the work.
  • People don't do will if they fight the market. What do I mean by that? This is a business where it really pays to go with the flow. You just have to follow my simple proven steps.  I'll explain everything you need to know to succeed in this highly profitable business.

What are the Advantages on an Online Used Books Business?

Selling used books could be the perfect online business for the home-based business owner...look at the advantages:

  • Virtually no risk
  • There's an unlimited, and growing, market
  • Recession proof business –people always buy books –and when the economy is slow the sale of used books gets better
  • High profit margins
  • You can get started for an investment as little as £80
  • Used books are easy to find
  • Work just a few hours a week and make as much as £800 a month extra money
  • Do this full-time and you can make £4,000 a month –or more.
  • Books are easy to pack, store and ship

Sell Used Books on eBay, Amazon and The Internet for Profit
The complete guide to starting and running an online book business

Table of Contents

How To Sell Used booksChapter 1: Organize Your Business for Success
Chapter 2: Books That Sell and Books That Don't
Chapter 3: Where to Find Used Books
Chapter 4: Scouting Books for Fun and Profit
Chapter 5: How and Where to Buy New Books
Chapter 6: Describing and Grading Your Books
Chapter 7: Cataloging, Storing & Shipping Your Books
Chapter 8: Pricing Your Books for Sale
Chapter 9: Specialize for Success
Chapter 10: Selling Your Books on eBay
Chapter 11: Selling on
Chapter 12: Selling on The River (Amazon)
Chapter 13: Amazon or eBay?
Chapter 14: Selling on
Chapter 15: Selling From Your Own Website
Chapter 16: Bringing It All Together
Appendix I: Reading List
Appendix II: Resources, Supplies & Tools for Booksellers
Appendix III: Expensive Books List

You can start with almost nothing and make money your first week

learn how to sell used books
You can sell used books on eBay
or Amazon.

This is a business that you can start with as little as £20 to £80.  There is virtually no risk. If you were the worst book picker in the world you could at least sell your books to break even –but we will teach you how to pick the best books –books that will sell at prices 5 or 10 times or more than you paid for them.

Most eBay sellers who sell new merchandise struggle to make a 30% profit margin. I will show you how to buy and sell books that you can mark up 500% or more.

The worldwide market is virtually unlimited. There are over 25,000 used book stores in America alone and about double that in English speaking countries –but today the real growth in online. You can sell on eBay,, Amazon in both the US, and other major countries where eBay and Amazon have sites. Books are very easy to list. I can list a book on eBay or Amazon in less than 3 minutes –in most cases eBay and Amazon even provide the photo.

Books can have insanely high profit margins

What other business can you think of where you can go to a car boot sale or a flea market, buy something for £3 or less and will sell for £8 and £20 or even more? How much more...?

Here are some books that I have found and sold online in the past year:



Sold For

Soldiers: The Nineties photography by Wolfgang Tillmans $1.00 $305.00
An American Exodus by Dorothea Lange $5.00 $319.00
Linda McCartney's Sixties Portrait Of An Era Free $215.00
History of Ferrari Motorcars $4.00 $49.00
The Art and Craft of Shorebird Decoys $2.50 $329.00
Life of Sitting Bull by Johnson $0.50 $38.00
A Bridge To Far by Cornelius Ryan (1st Ed.) $1.00 $147.00
1946 TRADER VIC'S Cocktail Drink Recipes $3.00 $205.00
Deepak Chopra, Chopra Center Cookbook $2.00 $40.00
How To Develop a Winning Trading System by Van Tharp $1.00 $240.00
How To Increase The Income From Your Real Estate Investments $0.50 $69.00

used book sale
Book sales can be great places to
find items to sell online for nice profits.

Now to be real, you don't find books like this and make sales like this every day –but you do it often enough that you can always find books like these and others that sell at high prices. But most of the books you find and sell will cost you £3 or less and will sell for between £8 and £20. These are your bread and butter books.

You are probably thinking something like "I don't know anything about books or literature." That is OK...because I specialize in non-fiction Books. In fact I stay pretty much away from literature and fiction unless I run into the occasional slam dunk that I know can't go wrong like the time I found a first edition of Tom Clancy's second book at a thrift shop for less than a pound and sold it for over £47...but I digress.

The best –and easiest markets are for non-fiction books on subjects like:

  • Art & photography
  • Medical and legal books
  • Certain textbooks
  • Old books on physics, science, math and biology
  • Transportation – Cars, motorcycles, aircraft, trains, boats, etc.
  • History books on almost any subject
  • How To books
  • Cookbooks
  • Children's books
  • Illustrated books
  • Sports

This is just a partial list –How To Sell Used Books on eBay and The Internet has a more extensive list –and that is one of the secrets to success...learning what to buy. We teach you how to find the books that will sell quickly and know the prices before you buy. We even show you a way to check prices from your cell phone or PDA before you buy a book.

When I first saw the price of your book, I blanched. But then I realized that today $27 will only buy 6 gallons of gas or a 1/2 a bag of groceries. But this book can help me make some extra money to afford those. So I bought. I am just getting through it –not even finished yet. But it's a really good book. It's really simple and easy to understand and I think anyone could do this. Thanks so much.

 Stephanie H, Bangor Maine

If I do this business will my house fill up with thousands of books?

If you didn't know what you were doing this could happen. Using my methods, you can have a great business with just a few hundred books in stock at any one time –about what would fit into one good sized bookcase. I will teach you how to only buy books that will sell quickly and how to turn your inventory over so you are not stuck with a bunch of unsalable books.

There are even some sellers who specialize in very expensive books. These sellers rarely have more than a few dozen books in stock at any one time –yet make thousands of pounds a month selling them online.

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Sell Used Books on eBay, and The Internet for Profit
The complete guide to starting and running an online book business

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used book sale
Your local thrift shop can contain
dozens of books you can buy for a pound
and sell for a profit on eBay and Amazon.

This is one of my most popular books. Originally published in 2008, I updated it in 2010, 2013 and again in 2016. Anyone who bought the original version of the book got the updated version FREE OF CHARGE. Anyone who buys this version of the book will get any future updates free of charge too. That's in addition to access to any updated or new bonus items that come with the book.

I tell you everything you need to get started:

  •  Where to find books
  • How to determine the value of a book BEFORE you buy it
  •  Which books to buy......and more importantly –which books NOT to buy
  •  How much to pay for them
  •  Where to sell them
  •  How to sell them
  •  How much to charge for your books
  •  How to automate your listings
  •  How to automate your shipping
  •   How to write book descriptions that sell
  •  My personal Rolodex of booksellers resources
  •  Special BONUS #1 - A list of books to look for that sell for $250 (£193.50) or more –many up to $2,500. This bonus is attached to the appendix. And yes.. you really can find books like these.
  •  Special BONUS #2 FREE Updates. Simply bookmark (add to favorites) your download page. You will be entitled to free lifetime updated copies and special reports, articles, new resources and tips for buying and selling books. This information will only be available to original purchasers.

Skip, I just want to THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!

I have been selling a small amount of books on eBay, but the weekend that I completed reading your book, and implementing two of the resources that you mentioned, my book sales soared!!! I was able to make some amazing purchases as well, with full knowledge that the books would sell!!!

I highly recommend your book to anyone who wants to make money without much risk!

Karen B, Pittsburgh, PA

The book business isn't for everyone –but if this interests you it can be one of the greatest online businesses in the world. This is a business where you can truly make some good money and have fun at the same time.

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Sell Used Books on eBay, and The Internet for Profit
The complete guide to starting and running an online book business

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Sell Used Books on eBay, and The Internet for Profit
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